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Dollarama in St-F\u00e9licien opening hours

St-F\u00e9licien is one of the shops of Dollarama that have a place at 1200 boul. St-F\u00e9licien, G8K 2N6. Our website provides detailed information about the opening and closing hours today, the address, services and more. The shop serves customers landing from neighbouring areas, for example,

RONA in Saint-Felicien - about 0.8 miles away,

Dollarama in St-F\u00e9licien is typically open on Monday: 09:30-17:30, Tuesday: 09:30-17:30, Wednesday: 09:30-17:30, Thursday: 09:30-21:00, Friday: 09:30-21:00, Saturday: 09:30-17:00. Its Sunday opening hours are: 09:30-17:00. The store provides services including:


1200 boul. St-F\u00e9licien


G8K 2N6

Canada (CA)


Opening hours

Monday 09:30-17:30

Tuesday 09:30-17:30

Wednesday 09:30-17:30

Thursday 09:30-21:00

Friday 09:30-21:00

Saturday 09:30-17:00

Sunday 09:30-17:00


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