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Westbank Origins & Evolution

Nested in the beautiful Okanagan valley, Westbank is a charming city with a rich history that is often overshadowed by its more popular neighbour, Kelowna. Initially inhabited by the Okanagan First Nations people, the area was later settled by European fur traders in the early 1800s. Known for its fertile soils, Westbank quickly blossomed into an agricultural hub, producing an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and wines. Today, the city retains its agricultural roots but has evolved into a vibrant, cosmopolitan centre with an enchanting blend of modern amenities and historical attractions.

The city’s evolution is evident in the architectural styles that span several centuries – traditional Victorian homes coexist harmoniously with contemporary skyscrapers. Westbank’s transformation hasn’t undermined its commitment to preserving its history and heritage, with many historical buildings and landmarks given protected status.

City’s Geography & Demography

Located on the western shores of Okanagan Lake, Westbank offers stunning vistas of the lake and adjoining mountain ranges. The city experiences a moderate climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters, perfect for outdoor activities and viticulture, thus attracting active adventurers and wine enthusiasts alike.

The latest census data reveals a population of nearly 32,000 residents. While predominantly English-speaking, the city’s increasing diversity is reflected in its growing multicultural population. Renowned for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is no surprise that Westbank attracts a steady stream of new residents and tourists each year.

Cultural & Artistic Landscape in Westbank

Often referred to as the cultural heart of the Okanagan Valley, Westbank boasts a thriving arts scene. Home to the illustrious Westbank Museum and Westbank Art Centre, the city aids in keeping the Okanagan’s rich history and culture alive through various exhibits, performances, and workshops. The city also hosts the Annual WestCultural Fest, a vibrant celebration of the city’s artistic and multicultural heritage.

Step into the city’s many galleries, like the Westbank Art Gallery and you’ll find yourself immersed in a plethora of artistic expressions, ranging from traditional native art to abstract modernist pieces. This diversity and inclusivity encapsulate the spirit of Westbank’s cultural scene.

Educational & Research Facilities

Westbank is home to several renowned educational institutions, such as the Westbank School of Arts and Westbank Public Library, that offer an array of research and educational opportunities. From abundant resources and pristine laboratories to comprehensive academic programs, these institutions contribute significantly to the city’s intellectual vibrancy.

For those with a keen interest in horticulture and viticulture, the renowned Westbank Agri-Research Center focuses on sustainable farming practices and advancements in agricultural technology offering excellent research opportunities.

Westbank’s Highlights & Recreation

Exploring Westbank’s picturesque landscapes could easily consume a day or two. Favorites include the Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park, a working nut farm, but also a heritage site offering educational tours. The Okanagan Lake is a popular spot for fishing, boating and beach picnics.

For the adventurous, the Westbank Trestles are a series of spectacular former rail bridges converted into recreational trails that offer breathtaking views of the valley and lake.

Commerce & Conveniences

From boutique shops to larger shopping complexes, Westbank offers an array of shopping experiences to cater to all tastes. The Westbank Farmers Market, held every Saturday, offers local produce, artisanal wares, and unique trinkets.

For your banking needs, the city has several branches for major national banks as well as credit unions. City Hall, located in the centre of Westbank, houses the local government offices, and the post office.

Transport & Connectivity

Westbank’s connectivity is a notch above others. The Central Okanagan Public Transit System offers reliable public transportation within Westbank and to surrounding regions. The Kelowna International Airport, only a short drive away, connects the city to numerous international destinations.

Sports Facilities

The Johnson Bentley Aquatic Centre offers a variety of swim lessons and aquatic programs, while the local ice rink hosts popular hockey leagues. Several well-equipped private gyms, tennis courts, and golf clubs round off the city’s sport facilities, promising opportunities for everyone to stay active.

Traveler’s Final Take

With its captivating history, cultural richness, stunning landscapes, accessible facilities, and warm hospitality, Westbank promises a delightful experience that is sure to leave visitors with fond memories and a longing to return. This small city seamlessly weaves together the past and present, offering a depth and diversity rarely seen.

Must-Visit Spots in Westbank

  • Westbank Museum
  • Westbank Art Centre
  • Westbank School of Arts
  • Westbank Public Library
  • Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park
  • Okanagan Lake
  • Westbank Trestles
  • Westbank Farmers Market
  • City Hall
  • Johnson Bentley Aquatic Centre
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