The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH)

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The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH) is a tranquil and inspiring space located in the heart of Qualicum Beach in Vancouver Island, Canada. Housed in an elegantly refurbished 1913 school building, it serves as an integral part of the local arts community and a vibrant cultural nexus that caters to visual and performing arts.

Walking through TOSH’s grand entrance, visitors are embraced by a blend of history and creativity. The centre brims with dynamic energies from the myriad of art pieces crafted by local and international artists prominently displayed in three distinct galleries. These frequently changing exhibits showcase a limitless spectrum of artistic styles and mediums, from traditional painting to innovative mixed media artistry.

The historic classrooms have been transformed into open artists’ studios. Here, five resident artists practice their craft, share their profound knowledge, and inspire with their passion. These studios pulsate with creativity and offer a fascinating glimpse into the artists’ unique creative processes.

A notable feature of TOSH is its Dorothy Francis Gallery, a charming gift shop which offers handcrafted art pieces, ceramics, jewelry and gifts. All merchandise is thoughtfully curated, with an emphasis on supporting local artisans and promoting sustainable practices.

Furthermore, TOSH is well-known for its community engagement, organizing year-round concerts, art classes, workshops, and community events. It also houses an impressive Music On Sunday concert series, which presents a rich variety of music genres to its audience.

In conclusion, The Old School House Arts Centre is much more than an arts centre; it is a creative sanctuary that preserves Qualicum Beach’s historical charm. It is a destination to experience high-caliber artistic endeavors, enriching cultural activities, and to engage with a thriving artistic community. TOSH truly is a unique cultural haven, seamlessly integrating inspiration, education, and community engagement under one roof. The centre is indeed a testament to the artistic spirit of Qualicum Beach and beyond.

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