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The Pas Origins & Evolution

The history of The Pas, located in the prairie province of Manitoba, Canada, can be traced back to over ten millennia ago. Home to the first Northern Plains peoples, the area grounds are rich in archaeological evidence of the original inhabitants. The town’s modern establishment, however, dates from the arrival of European traders in the late 16th century. The initial establishment was a trading post set up by French traders, which quickly developed into a bustling outpost with the fur trade. The Pas experienced significant growth in the 20th century, with the mining and forestry industries bringing an economic boom.

The town is named after the Pasquia River, a name derived from the Cree word ‘Paskwāw,’ meaning “narrows of the river.” Today, The Pas continues to evolve and has a rich cultural heritage that implicates Indigenous communities, Voyageurs, and European settlers. Its diverse past encourages cultural appreciation and understanding, adding to the town’s unique charm.

City’s Geography & Demography

Geographically, The Pas finds itself nestled on the banks of the Saskatchewan River, surrounded by beautiful forests, and blessed with a unique subarctic climate. Despite the wintery stereotype attached to subarctic climates, The Pas enjoys warm summers, making it a destination suited for visitation all year round.

Demographically, The Pas has a multicultural population of approximately 5,500 people. The town is home to a sizeable First Nations community, with the Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) residing in a separate jurisdiction across the river. The inherent diversity and coexistence of different cultures lend a vibrant character to the unique town of The Pas.

Cultural & Artistic Landscape in The Pas

Culturally, The Pas offers an enriching experience for all visitors. Annual events such as the Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival, held in February, pay homage to the town’s ancestral roots and offer both freighting and dog race competitions and other outdoor activities. In terms of artistic exploration, The Pas Regional Library houses a diverse collection of artistic renditions and historical artifacts.

Moreover, the Sam Waller Museum, located in a former courthouse, offers insight into the town’s history and culture through various exhibitions. Meanwhile, the yearly Opaskwayak Indian Days celebration, hosted by the neighbouring OCN, engages the entire community in a myriad of cultural activities highlighting Cree traditions.

Educational & Research Facilities

The town benefits from the presence of University College of the North (UCN), known for its vocational, trade, and degree programs. The UCN actively contributes to the local economy and adds to the intellectual resources of the town.

Locals and visitors alike can also benefit from the The Pas Regional Library, a well-equipped public library that houses an abundant collection of books, periodicals, and digital resources. For research institutions, the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy offers specialized training in the mining industry, an essential part of the town’s economy.

The Pas’s Highlights & Recreation

From beautiful parks and hiking trails to historical landmarks and engaging recreational activities — the town of The Pas has many exciting attractions. A major landmark is the Trappers’ Festival Grounds, known for hosting the annual Trappers’ Festival. The Devon Park, popular for its personalized stonewalk, and the Clearwater Lake Provincial Park offer picturesque landscapes perfect for a tranquil retreat.

Commerce & Conveniences

Downtown The Pas offers a variety of specialty and general retail stores, local restaurants, and services, including banking and postal services. Notable commercial establishments include the Otineka Mall, located on the OCN lands across the Saskatchewan River.

Transport & Connectivity

The Pas is serviced by The Pas Airport, with a regular schedule of flights connecting to larger urban centres. Public transit is also widely available in town, and the central location of The Pas makes it an easy reach to other points of interest within Manitoba.

Sports Facilities

The structure known as the Roy H Johnston (RHJ) Arena is the pride of The Pas – a top-notch facility for ice hockey, curling, and figure skating. The Jon Sigurdson Park and the Wellness Centre on the UCN campus cater to sports enthusiasts offering tennis courts and gym facilities.

Traveler’s Final Take

The Pas in Manitoba, Canada, is a small town with a charming character, rich history, and a vibrant cultural scene. Its warm community, interesting landmarks, and unspoiled natural beauty make it a must-visit for any traveller looking for an experience off the beaten path.

Must-Visit Spots in The Pas

  • Sam Waller Museum
  • University College of the North (UCN)
  • Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival Grounds
  • Devon Park
  • Clearwater Lake Provincial Park
  • The Pas Regional Library
  • Otineka Mall
  • The Pas Airport
  • Roy H Johnston (RHJ) Arena
  • The Northern Manitoba Mining Academy
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