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Saint Marys Origins & Evolution

The town of Saint Marys, commonly known as “The Stone Town” due to its notable limestone buildings, has a rich history dating back to 1841. The town was founded by Thomas Ingersoll, a revolutionary war veteran, and was later incorporated as a town in 1863. Over the years, Saint Marys has evolved from a centre of agricultural trade with its many limestone quarries into a vibrant, self-sufficient community that proudly preserves its architectural heritage.

Saint Marys is particularly celebrated for its historical downtown, a charming testament to the town’s mid-19th-century origins, filled with carefully restored stone buildings. Along the tranquil streets, the town’s history unfolds in the Jameson House Museum, Heritage House, and Old Town Hall Theatre, all bringing the rich past to life for locals and visitors alike.

City’s Geography & Demography

Located in southwestern Ontario, Saint Marys is situated along the Thames River and is notable for its lakes and parks. The town is characterized by a humid continental climate, offering warm summers and cold, snowy winters. The town covers an area of 12.45 square kilometers and, according to the 2016 Canadian Census, boasts a population of 7,265.

Saint Marys has a largely homogeneous population with most residents of European descent. But the town also prides itself on its welcoming nature, opening its doors to immigrants from all over the world, contributing to a diverse community that acknowledges and celebrates its multiculturalism.

Cultural & Artistic Landscape in Saint Marys

Saint Marys is teeming with a rich cultural and artistic scene. The town hosts numerous community events throughout the year, including the popular Heritage Festival, Summer Concert Series, and the Artisan Market. These events regularly attract top-tier talent from various artistic disciplines and create an atmosphere of celebration and community.

Equally impressive are Saint Marys’ museums and galleries, such as the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum that celebrates Canada’s baseball heritage. The Station Gallery, housed in the historic train station, showcases works by local and regional artists, offering diverse exhibitions that add to the vibrant local cultural landscape.

Educational & Research Facilities

Saint Marys is home to quality educational institutions, providing excellent opportunities for study and research. The town hosts an array of public and separate schools, including several elementary and secondary schools. Furthermore, the Saint Marys Public Library is an indispensable resource center, offering a comprehensive collection of materials and a range of workshops and programs.

While there are no universities within the town itself, proximity to London, Ontario, provides access to highly acclaimed universities like Western University and Fanshaw College, both less than an hour’s drive away.

Saint Marys’s Highlights & Recreation

Offering an abundant array of recreational spaces, Saint Marys is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The River Walk, a popular attraction, meanders along the Thames River and provides scenic views of the town’s historic water tower and limestone buildings. Cadzow Park, with its enchanting castle-like playground and serene picnic area, is a favorite among families.

Landmarks in Saint Marys include the Grand Trunk Trail, a former railway line turned beautiful trailway, and the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Additionally, the iconic Westover Inn, a limestone mansion dating back to 1867, is a treasured piece of Saint Marys’ heritage and a visual delight to behold.

Commerce & Conveniences

Saint Marys features a range of commercial ventures and conveniences. The town’s downtown area presents a variety of local shops, including clothing stores, gift shops, and a handful of delicious bakeries and cafes. Notable shopping destinations include Kilroys, a unique fashion and gift boutique, and Sunset Diner, a popular spot for home-cooked Canadian classics.

Banking services, postal services, and seasonal farmers markets offer commercial convenience for locals and visitors. Ensuring all essential services are within easy reach, Saint Marys has successfully maintained its small-town charm while providing all the perks of city living.

Transport & Connectivity

Saint Marys has excellent transport and connectivity. The town is served by the Saint Marys Via Rail station, offering regular train services to Toronto, Windsor, and Sarnia. The efficient public bus service of the Perth County Transit connects Saint Marys with Stratford and Perth County. Additionally, the London International Airport, only 50 kilometers away, facilitates national and international connections.

Sports Facilities

As the proud location of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, Saint Marys boasts excellent sporting facilities and a passion for games. These include the Pyramid Recreation Centre, an all-season athletic complex with indoor skating rinks, and a swimming pool. The recreation center is the hub of athletic activity and provides programs for all ages.

Traveler’s Final Take

A visit to Saint Marys offers a unique combination of cultural richness, natural beauty, historic charm, and friendly hospitality. The town’s limestone structures, idyllic parks, intriguing museums, and engaging events provide a captivating experience, making Saint Marys a must-visit destination.

Must-Visit Spots in Saint Marys

  • Jameson House Museum
  • Heritage House
  • Old Town Hall Theatre
  • Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Station Gallery
  • Saint Marys Public Library
  • River Walk
  • Cadzow Park
  • Grand Trunk Trail
  • Westover Inn
  • Kilroys
  • Sunset Diner
  • Saint Marys Via Rail station
  • Pyramid Recreation Centre
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